Spring art 2019: 5 unmissable exhibitions in Italy

Like every year, this spring the “Bel Paese”, eternal cradle of a heterogeneous art tradition, will host a series of exhibitions which will delight you before the belonged summer holidays approach.

In this blog post, we will propose you 5 unmissable exhibitions for an unforgettable Italian spring break.

1. Caravaggio and the Neapolitan experience

Capodimonte Museum proposes an exhibition which explores the influence of Caravaggio’s art on the Neapolitan school, focusing on the connection between the master and the city of Naples. The artworks on display, created when the artist stayed in Naples between 1606 and 1610, show glimpses of Merisi’s life in the Neapolitan alleys and landscapes. You can admire them from April 12 to July 14 2019.


2. Antonello da Messina. Inside the Painting

Even though the Sicilian artist’s legacy is composed only by 35 artworks, the Palazzo Reale in Milan displays 19 of these masterpieces to let visitors appreciate the pictorial ability of one of the greatest portraitists of the XV century. The exhibition, which will end on June 2 2019, is enriched by 28 additional artworks in the form of sketches and notes by the great art historian Giovan Battista Cavalcaselle, in which you can find an accurate reconstruction of Antonello da Messina’s first catalogue. An unmissable event!


3. A bit of Sicily in Venice

A full-fledged unmissable exhibition in Italy in 2019 is Photography as a life choice, the Venetian exhibition fully dedicated to the photographer Letizia Battaglia.
On the occasion of this exposition, the Casa dei Tre Oci’s walls have been adorned with several pictures, some unpublished, which put the complex socio-political context of Palermo – the city that the photographer deeply loves, but also criticizes – under the spotlight. You have time until August 18 2019 to appreciate all the “sicilianity” of an artist who never fears to show her truth.


4. Leonardo da Vinci. Science before science

From March 13 to July 28 2019, in honor of the 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci’s death the capital hosts an exhibition fully dedicated to the Florentine genius’ inventiveness. The exhibition follows the path of Leonardo’s artistic life, emphasizing the creative acuity of the artist as creator of technologies and machines which still inspires contemporary scientists’ minds. The Scuderie del Quirinale exhibition, in Rome, is an unmissable event to know everything about the artist who revolutionized the critical thinking of scientific and technological culture.


5. Explore. On the Moon and beyond

Speaking of unmissable spring exhibitions in Italy, we cannot but mention Explore. On the Moon and beyond, a spectacular “spatial” themed exhibition, curated by National Geographic in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency.
This exhibition aims at taking you in a journey with the astronauts who visited the Space thanks to a rich collection of documents, images and original objects related to the most famous space missions.
Moreover, “Explore. On the Moon and beyond” provides an innovative fruition mode: thanks to the app “Explore”, you can access interesting multimedia content about the objects on display and dive in a unique and interactive visiting experience.