Project ARM: the solution to offer an innovative museum

The new platform of ARM23 reshapes the visitors’ experience of the national cultural heritage thanks to augmented reality.

Over the past decades, technology has played an increasingly important role for the preservation of the cultural heritage: from museums to art galleries, many organizations and institutions are equipped with interactive media to make the traditional tours of the collections more engaging, in an attempt to increase the flow of visitors.
However, the common effort to modernize the facilities and instruments has rarely achieved the desired results: as evidenced by the numerous articles on this topic, despite the best known national museums increased, the Italian regional realities register, year after year, a decrease in the flow of visitors in their facilities.

Project Arm is a mobile platform created by ARM23 specifically to help museums overcome this critical situation and enhance the attractiveness of the artistic wonders, which today do not enjoy the visibility they deserve.
Project ARM uses the technologies of Augmented Reality and Image Recognition to revolutionize the traditional visit to the museum by making it more interactive and stimulating.

The platform is available for Apple and Android devices. It allows users to customize their tour of the museum, with a simple touch users can scan their favourite works (paintings, sculptures and architectural works) and access multimedia contents in augmented reality from the screen of their device.
Moreover, what makes the Museum’s offer increasingly compelling and complete, is the possibility to integrate within the platform additional modules especially designed for the needs of the individual (such as interactive gaming, social channels and online purchases).

A unique solution to reshape the experience of the cultural heritage and captivate a new audience: this is what makes of Project ARM the answer to the pressing demands of the new generations of visitors.