From canvas to cinema: 3 movies about art you cannot miss!

From Turner to Pollock, from Modigliani to Vermeer, many are the artists and the masterpieces that have inspired the world of cinema.

The life of a great artist or the birth of an artwork has always inspired the great cinema. This is why today we want to talk about three movies dedicated to the world of art, three cinematographic masterpieces that we think you should see if you really love art and painting.

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Peter Webber

Flemish art lovers certainly cannot miss “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the movie directed by Peter Webber in 2003 and based on the novel by Tracy Chevalier.

The film tells the secret love between the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer (Colin Firth) and the young Griet (Scarlett Johansson) who works as a maid in the master’s house.

Despite their cultural and social differences, Jan Vermeer intuits in the girl a particular predisposition to art and so he begins to teach her, in secret, how to prepare the colors for her paintings.

The admiration of the painter slowly turns into a stronger feeling, elevating the young woman to his muse and model for a portrait that will become an icon of Flemish painting, that is Girl with a Turban, also known as Girl with the Pearl Earring.

The film is full of baroque atmospheres and gives an idea of how people lived and painted in Delft, a city in the Netherlands, in 1665.

From “Girl with a Pearl Earring” a movie by Peter Webber, 2003 .

Modigliani by Mick Davis

Those who are looking for the magic atmosphere of the Parisian cafes of the last century, “Modigliani” is the right movie to watch!

Against the backdrop of a bohemian Paris of the end of the 20th century, the film, written and directed by Mick Davis, tells the genius and the unruliness of Amedeo Modigliani, also known as Modì, interpreted by an intense and romantic Andy García.

The movie is a very fictional version of the last period of the Tuscan artist’s reckless life, of his talent and tumultuous love with the beautiful Jeanne Hebuterne, his devoted lover and inspiring muse.

The mood of the movie is certainly melancholic but portrays with intensity the extraordinary life of one of the most fascinating artists of the twentieth century.

From “Modigliani” a movie by Mick Davis, 2004.

Frida by Julie Taymor 

Who wants to breathe some magic realism must absolutely add in the list of movies to watch “Frida”, by the American director Julie Taymor.

The Taymor’s movie is a tribute to Frida Kahlo, one of the most fascinating and revolutionary figures in the history of art, a woman who is a symbol of twentieth century culture, a great artist and a strong independent woman.

The famous Mexican painter has been masterfully interpreted by the talented Salma Hayek, who thanks to this movie received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Perhaps, it was the strong love that Salma had for her fellow countrywoman Frida Kahlo, combined with the extraordinary nature of a unique painter, to allow her to capture both the light heartedness and the anguish of this great artist, sensations that those who observe Frida’s artworks can still feel today.

From “Frida” a movie by Julie Taymor, 2002.


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