Project ARM

Image Recognition: a short history and all you need to know about it

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the appeal and beauty of an artwork, but disappointed by the scarcity of information available on the label next to it? Have you ever

A guided tour of the Museo Colle del Duomo with Project ARM

Want to discover the Museo Colle del Duomo? Meet Project ARM in Viterbo, on January 14th The city of Viterbo announces the public meeting “Amare e Custodire il Creato” (Loving

The 5 best Augmented Reality applications

What are the best augmented reality applications and how will they enhance your daily life? Augmented reality offers several and heterogeneous functions available for consumers and companies, enriching, or better say

Augmented Reality: how did it all started?

Voyage into Augmented Reality: the origin of the technology We all live in a real world, we see things, we touch surfaces, we hear sounds and voices but, as we

Things to do this Christmas: visit museums with Project ARM!

This Christmas share an Augmented Reality tour in one of your favorite museums with the people you love most. Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the

5 good reasons to adopt Project ARM in your museum

What are the advantages of being partners with Project ARM? Project ARM is a new platform that allows museums to enhance their tourist offer, giving the possibility to visitors to

With “Pinacoteca degli Elefanti” the augmented reality arrives in Catania

Catania employs the Project ARM software for the Permanent Exhibition of paintings by Giuseppe Sciuti Inaugurated on September 23, 2016, in the presence of Mayor Enzo Bianco and the highest institutional,

Project ARM: the solution to offer an innovative museum

The new platform of ARM23 reshapes the visitors’ experience of the national cultural heritage thanks to augmented reality. Over the past decades, technology has played an increasingly important role for