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Here is why Viterbo is as attractive as some famous Italian destinations

Discovering, or rediscovering, off-the-beaten-path destinations is a sure way to amazement. We saw it firsthand with Viterbo. It does not certainly receive the same coverage as best-selling tourist destinations that

When Picasso got lovestruck by Italy and its art

Can an experience of few weeks change the life of a man? The question seems open to interpretation per se, but it gets even more puzzling if the man in

The world of Keith Haring, made of symbols and social commitment

Keith Haring was much more than just a graffiti artist: his drawings featuring apparently simple, vividly-coloured shapes are actually the product of a solid artistic and cultural education. The beginnings

The Baptistery of San Giovanni, the icon of Florence’s beauty

If we were asked to mention the monument that reminds us of Florence more than anything else, our choice would most likely fall on the Baptistery of San Giovanni. The

Underground Naples, a descent into history and wonder

If you have ever been to Naples, you know what it means to be blown away by the city’s hustle and bustle, to be spellbound and swept away by its

Florence : a city of art, mysteries, and much more.

Do you know everything about Florence? We take you on a brief journey into the mysteries that pervade the cradle of the Renaissance. It was 1817 when the French writer Stendhal

Hockney ‘s Pop Art: pools, portraits and ongoing research

As the Tate Britain celebrates David Hockney with an unprecedented exhibition, the team of “Behind ARt” takes you into his life and career. In 1961, a guy from Yorkshire named

Inside the dissident art of Obey, the creator of “Hope”

How many times have you bumped into that four-color print featuring a portrait of Mr Obama with the word “Hope” occupying the lower part of the frame? The year was

The Starry Night: what hides behind Van Gogh’s masterpiece?

What could be more serene than a starry night in a hot summer night? If this is the kind of thoughts that comes to our minds as soon as we

DuSable Museum: a legacy to cherish, a mission to carry out

A shrine for African American History A tribute to African American History, the DuSable Museum is among the national landmarks whereby the city of Chicago and the US cherish the

Experience Economy shapes our new way of being tourists

Emotion comes first. A journey into the expectations of a modern visitor in the age of experience economy. Are we the same visitors we were yesterday? When we step into

The applications of Image Recognition

Technology and smartphone have now become part of our daily life; we hold on to them at home, at work, during our free time. Furthermore, we have access to always