The American Way of Life by Jeff Koons

I try to be a truthful artist and I try to show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I’m a messenger – Jeff Koons A record-breaking artist: who is Jeff Koons? 

Top 5: the most visited museums in Italy during 2018

If you feel stressed due to the post‐vacation blues, why not plan a restorative trip dedicated to art and culture? To help you choose the best destination, we want to

4 famous artists who became famous only after death

Art history is full of misunderstood geniuses, whose talent remained hidden in the shadows or valued only long after their death. From van Gogh to Modigliani, here are the most

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This fall’s Italian artistic agenda: 6 unmissable events!

Italy and art, an inseparable duo. We already talked about last summer’s cultural offer, but, even though temperatures are gradually lowering, the Italian artistic agenda is hotter than ever. Marc

Les Femmes of Amedeo Modigliani

The famous Amedeo Modigliani knew many women during his life, he courted them and fell in love with them, but only four were really important for him: Beatrice Hastings, Simone

The life of workers immortalised by great painters

In honor of the International Workers’ Day that celebrates workers from all over the world, here is a selection of paintings that represent the workers, their working days, their labors,

Between the sacred and the profane: the excessive art of David LaChapelle

Many call him “The Fellini of Photography” for his dreamlike representations of reality, his unique and eccentric style have made him a world-renowned artist and one of the most important

When advertising becomes an artwork

“The art of advertising is colorful and concise. It has to be exhilarating and optimistic”. (Fortunato Depero) Both in the past and in the present, entire generations of artists have

From canvas to cinema: 3 movies about art you cannot miss!

From Turner to Pollock, from Modigliani to Vermeer, many are the artists and the masterpieces that have inspired the world of cinema. The life of a great artist or the

Surrealism: an avant-garde in the vanguard

When we speak of Surrealism, our minds go straight to the visionary works by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Frida Kahlo. The last one, in particular, is the

The limits of reality and the levity of bronze: the art of Giacometti

For all his life, Alberto Giacometti strove, painstakingly, to find a way to grasp the world and its details. He did it knowing that truth will keep escaping us. This