The applications of Image Recognition
Project ARM Press Office | 25 January

Technology and smartphone have now become part of our daily life; we hold on to them at home, at work,

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image recognition Project ARM
Image Recognition: a short history and all you need to know about it
Project ARM Press Office | 18 January

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the appeal and beauty of an artwork, but disappointed by the scarcity of information

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A guided tour of the Museo Colle del Duomo with Project ARM
Project ARM Press Office | 13 January

Want to discover the Museo Colle del Duomo? Meet Project ARM in Viterbo, on January 14th The city of Viterbo

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The 5 best Augmented Reality applications
Project ARM Press Office | 10 January

What are the best augmented reality applications and how will they enhance your daily life? Augmented reality offers several and heterogeneous

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Augmented Reality Project ARM
Augmented Reality: how did it all started?
Project ARM Press Office | 3 January

Voyage into Augmented Reality: the origin of the technology We all live in a real world, we see things, we

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Cosa fare a Natale? Project ARM
Things to do this Christmas: visit museums with Project ARM!
Project ARM Press Office | 21 December

This Christmas share an Augmented Reality tour in one of your favorite museums with the people you love most. Christmas

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Museo Realtà Aumentata
5 good reasons to adopt Project ARM in your museum
Project ARM Press Office | 20 October

What are the advantages of being partners with Project ARM? Project ARM is a new platform that allows museums to

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With “Pinacoteca degli Elefanti” the augmented reality arrives in Catania
Project ARM Press Office | 13 October

Catania employs the Project ARM software for the Permanent Exhibition of paintings by Giuseppe Sciuti Inaugurated on September 23, 2016, in

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Project ARM: the solution to offer an innovative museum
Project ARM Press Office | 6 October

The new platform of ARM23 reshapes the visitors’ experience of the national cultural heritage thanks to augmented reality. Over the

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