Maurizio Cattelan
Not Afraid of being Cattelan
Project ARM Press Office | 26 July

Denying the existence of absolute truths, Cattelan has always strongly proclaimed the validity of doubt, disturbing the observer and forcing

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Edward Hopper_William Eggleston
What do Hopper and Eggleston have in common?
Project ARM Press Office | 19 July

One was born in Memphis in 1939 and he is considered one of the leading exponents of worldwide photography. The

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Bruno Munari
The imagination and genius of Bruno Munari
Project ARM Press Office | 12 July

Bruno Munari taught and strongly contributed to the Italian and international design of the 20th century. He was such a versatile

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Francesca Woodman
Francesca Woodman: about a body
Project ARM Press Office | 5 July

Francesca Woodman left us hundreds of photographs. They are mostly black and white self-portraits, genuine in their meaningfulness and meticulous

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LOVE-Robert Indiana
The power of “LOVE”: how a sculpture became a Pop Art icon
Project ARM Press Office | 28 June

When Robert Indiana created LOVE, he couldn’t imagine that his sculpture would become an unmistakable Pop Art icon. The artwork

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il giardino delle delizie-Bosch
Bosch, five facts you maybe don’t know about “The Garden of Earthly Delights”
Project ARM Press Office | 21 June

The imagination beyond the limits of what is real, a dream impressed on panels and surrounded by an aura of

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Surrealism: an avant-garde in the vanguard
Project ARM Press Office | 14 June

When we speak of Surrealism, our minds go straight to the visionary works by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Max Ernst

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Giacometti _Paolo_Monti_-_Servizio_fotografico
The limits of reality and the levity of bronze: the art of Giacometti
Project ARM Press Office | 7 June

For all his life, Alberto Giacometti strove, painstakingly, to find a way to grasp the world and its details. He

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O'Keeffe_Apple Family
Georgia O’Keeffe: the mother of Modernism and the icon of herself
Project ARM Press Office | 31 May

Many people saw in her a feminist, an icon of eroticism, and the passionate lover of Alfred Stieglitz. However, Georgia

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Jean Michel Basquiat: not the “same old art”
Project ARM Press Office | 24 May

Jean Michel Basquiat is one of the most controversial figures of the American and global artistic scene of the eighties.

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Cretto di Gibellina-Burri
Alberto Burri: the power of narration through bare materials
Project ARM Press Office | 17 May

Is it possible to tell a story by relying solely on the colours and materials used, leaving out the comforting

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Yayoi Kusama, the life of an artist in polka dots
Project ARM Press Office | 10 May

In 2016, the Time listed her among the world’s 100 most influential people, the only exponent from the universe of

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