musei più visitati del 2018
Top 5: the most visited museums in Italy during 2018
Project ARM Press Office | 16 January

If you feel stressed due to the post‐vacation blues, why not plan a restorative trip dedicated to art and culture?

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A natale regala l'arte
Christmas gifts idea for true art lovers
Project ARM Press Office | 19 December

Christmas is coming and you have not found the right gift yet? If you’re looking for an original present or

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Selling art on Instagram: a new way of trading art?
Project ARM Press Office | 5 December

Instagram, like the most common social networks, allows its users to get in touch and interact with each other through

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When film meets art: 5 movies inspired by famous paintings
Project ARM Press Office | 22 November

What happens when film meets art? Someone must have thought that some paintings are just so good that they look

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artisti divenuti famosi dopo la morte
4 famous artists who became famous only after death
Project ARM Press Office | 25 October

Art history is full of misunderstood geniuses, whose talent remained hidden in the shadows or valued only long after their

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Banksy: how destroying art makes it even more valuable
Project ARM Press Office | 10 October

If up to a few days ago someone still did not know who Banksy was, we are sure that as

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la grande arte al cinema 2018
Art is back in cinemas: the next 4 movies not to be missed!
Project ARM Press Office | 25 September

Together with the first autumn rains and hot chocolates, art is back on the big screen! Also this year the

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mostre autunnali italia
This fall’s Italian artistic agenda: 6 unmissable events!
Project ARM Press Office | 13 September

Italy and art, an inseparable duo. We already talked about last summer’s cultural offer, but, even though temperatures are gradually

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Summer exhibitions in Italy: 6 unmissable events
Project ARM Press Office | 8 August

Italy has always been one of the most coveted destinations: be it winter or summer, you can always find beautiful

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Amedeo Modigliani
Les Femmes of Amedeo Modigliani
Project ARM Press Office | 24 July

The famous Amedeo Modigliani knew many women during his life, he courted them and fell in love with them, but

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il lavoratori nell'arte
The life of workers immortalised by great painters
Project ARM Press Office | 7 May

In honor of the International Workers’ Day that celebrates workers from all over the world, here is a selection of

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David LaChappelle
Between the sacred and the profane: the excessive art of David LaChapelle
Project ARM Press Office | 19 April

Many call him “The Fellini of Photography” for his dreamlike representations of reality, his unique and eccentric style have made

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