Banksy: how destroying art makes it even more valuable

If up to a few days ago someone still did not know who Banksy was, we are sure that as of today he’s definitely on everyone’s lips, and he probably will for quite a long time.

Who is Banksy?

Well, despite everyone has seen at least one of his meaningful artworks, no one actually knows his identity. There are several hypotheses: is it a man? Is it a woman? Some say Banksy is actually a group of seven artists led by a blonde woman who, according to this theory, has even been depicted in some of the works.

All we know is that Banksy is now one of the most appreciated artists in the world, even more as he (she? they?) is the ultimate street artist, making graffiti easily accessible to anyone: this is what made him an anti-institutional celebrity that everybody wants.


Girl with Balloon: a million-pound protest

His work Girl with Balloon has been deemed the most beloved artwork in the UK: this simple and immediate work is even more appreciated than older classic giants such as Turner’s, Hockney’s or Constable’s.

And now this work is even more discussed because of the genius prank Banksy recently played to the world – secretly installing a shredder into this painting “in case it was ever put up for auction”: well, as a matter of fact it really was put up for auction at Sotheby’s, and, as soon as the hammer came down for the final call of about £1m, the shredder activated, reducing half of the painting into pieces.


But, besides being a genius idea – if anything, for the fact that it was planned years ago and it still worked – Banksy did it as a form of protest against the commercialization of art.

Makes you think, since, according to MyArtBroker.com, the website reselling his works, “Banksy has added at a minimum 50% to its value, possibly as high as being worth £2m plus”!

There are people thinking it makes no sense, others saying the added value is what makes him prove his point.

What do you think of his move? Do you think it was a pointless action or a valid protest?