With “Pinacoteca degli Elefanti” the augmented reality arrives in Catania

Catania employs the Project ARM software for the Permanent Exhibition of paintings by Giuseppe Sciuti

Inaugurated on September 23, 2016, in the presence of Mayor Enzo Bianco and the highest institutional, military and political authorities of the city of Catania, the Permanent Exhibition of paintings by Giuseppe Sciuti, held at the Palazzo degli Elefanti, is the first art exhibition in Italy to use the Augmented Reality and Image Recognition technologies, which are integrated into the Project ARM platform to enhance the experience of visitors.Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Thanks to the partnership between ARM23, the City of Catania and the Sicilian department for archaeological heritage, the large number of people who gathered in the rooms of the Town Hall during the inaugural days of the exhibition (September 23rd, 24th and, 25th) have benefited from a brand new tool to access the content of the event. “Pinacoteca degli Elefanti” has been released and has enabled guests to learn about the story of the building and the twelve paintings created by the renowned Sicilian painter, hanging at Palazzo degli Elefanti. The application relies on a software by Project ARM, which allows the image recognition of artworks and the screening of extra text, audio and video contents in augmented reality.

The application can be downloaded for free on the app stores throughout the whole duration of the exhibition. For the city of Catania, the app will be the first move in keeping up with modernization and will add extra value to the current itineraries and sightseeings available to tourists and visitors.  In the upcoming future, the collaboration between ARM23 and the City of Catania will provide anyone who wishes to visit the Aetnean city with more tools that will redefine their approach to the city’s artistic heritage and make it a unique and lively experience.