5 good reasons to adopt Project ARM in your museum

What are the advantages of being partners with Project ARM?

Project ARM is a new platform that allows museums to enhance their tourist offer, giving the possibility to visitors to customise their tour and enjoy a multimedia guide in augmented reality.

What are the advantages of Project ARM for partners?

Follow our list of 5 good reasons to choose Project ARM for your museum:

  1. One platform, many features. Augmented reality and the multimedia guide are not new concepts in the context of museum experiences, but no software has yet succeeded in the challenge undertaken by Project ARM: to combine the most advanced technologies in the field of augmented reality and image recognition in one single platform, elegantly designed, intuitive and easy to use.
  2. A non-invasive technology. Differently from the solutions developed and adopted so far by the museums (touch tables and screens, multimedia audio-guides), Project ARM offers the advantage of being a non-invasive technology comfortably stored inside the user’s device. Each visitor can decide how and when to use the app, managing the times and conditions of the visit in full autonomy.
  3. No initial investment is needed. The installation, upload of the data, configuration and assistance are totally free for the museums.
  4. Branding the app. Project ARM gives to the museum the possibility to customise the platform completely, choosing its communication (images, colours, naming) and contents. The modularity of the platform also allows to add or delete modules included in the set of features offered by the project.
  5. Ticket and insights management. By adopting Project ARM the museum will have a valuable tool for the management of the ticket office, the collection of data on the use of the app and, generally, of the exhibition areas. In fact, thanks to a management system provided to the museum together with the platform, the museum can have an overview, for example, of what the most appreciated paintings are or if there might be areas that require a logistic reorganization.