The 5 best Augmented Reality applications

What are the best augmented reality applications and how will they enhance your daily life?

Augmented reality offers several and heterogeneous functions available for consumers and companies, enriching, or better say mediating, our vision of reality.
But what are the best applications of this new and outbreaking technology?
In this article we selected the 5 ones we think you should know more about.

The 5 best augmented reality applications are related to:

  1. Medicine: In fields like healthcare, it’s already being used to treat patients and improve the quality of life for those suffering from, for example, mental illness and vision impairments, says Dailydot.com.  Augmented reality is also wrought in the operating room via wearable viewers who assist and guide the surgeon during operations.

    Augmented Reality in healthcare
  2. Education and Training: When instructing a hands-on course, proper demonstration is the key for success. Many times although this interactive method requires expensive, inaccessible equipment, or on-the-scene simulations that are difficult to reproduce. Augmented reality can be the new solution to avoid these costs all together.
    Even the process of learning itself can become more interactive and engaging, as apps like Ellybee (that uses augmented reality to teach English to children) demonstrate.

    Ellybee – How to learn English with Augmented Reality
  3. Travel: Visit a location in augmented reality could help potential travelers during the stay to get valuable info about places to visit, restaurants or hotels or artistic sites. For example, Project ARM has implemented a group of augmented reality apps thought to enhance visitors museum tours, a very useful help when your are looking at an artwork and you want to learn more about all the secrets behind it. Project ARM’s apps allow visitors to scan a picture or a sculpture, identify it and receive description and audiovisual content, directly on their mobile devices.

    Augmented Reality Museum thanks to Project ARM
  4. Marketing: It represents a pioneering approach to location-based marketing. Through AR, marketers are able to combine the visual impact of augmented reality and location based services to deliver any type of promotional virtual information about what can be seen by the user.

    Augmented Reality in a shoe shop
  5. Automotive and manufacturing industry: Some of the most important automotive industries of the world have developed augmented reality tools able to give a 3D street view. Car industry has adopted AR for a wide variety of different purposes. For example, augmented reality technology represents a crucial tool during the design stage of car-making allows manufacturers to design the concept models with reduced cost.

    Augmented Reality inside a BMW